Skype Quran Classes Online

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Skype Quran classes Online

Skype Quran classes online are very interesting and very much effective. Kids, Ladies, aged people and even the people with busy schedule  can learn Quran online over the Skype by teachers from Pakistan and Egypt. People with frequent migration because of job and business would find the Skype Quran Classes online very effective In-Shaa-Allah. Learn Quran via Skype with our skilled and experienced teacher online with Tajweed and proper recitation .

Skype technology had empowered the learning process with crystal clear voice. The student and teacher can interact using Screen Sharing; to use it as white board, audio and video conversation. This helps them to make the learning session even better than live in person or face to face learning. Simultaneous work of all functions of Skype leads to a very comprehensive classroom environment.

How to do Skype Quran Classes online

TarteeleQuran has the experience of many years of  Skype Quran classes online and other tuition services online. We will help you set up the Skype for Quran classes by downloading form If Skype is not working in your country or region you can use or for Quran classes. We firstly set up your account on our website and then will allow your to have Skype Quran classes online. Your kids and you would find it very interesting and will enjoy learning over Skype.

Our Experience of teaching online using Skype and other software is more than 8 years. We have an advance System to use for classes on our website as well that is keep you up to date for your learning pace and your progress as well by learning at Skype Quran classes online.


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