Learn Daily Supplication Online

Learn Daily Supplication Online

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Learning daily supplications are necessary for every Muslim man and woman especially for Muslim kids.

We human being are surrounded by evils and Shiyateen. So we have to seek refuge in Allah from all these curses as guided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They holy Quran and Hadith has given us many verses and Duas to recite for our protection from evils and unseen events. It includes the prayers starting from waking up to bedtimes as well. Like what to recite after we wake up and what to recite when going out of home. We can develop our habits to exercise these prayers in our life and especially for our kids.

Supplication Learning Online

We will teach you and your kids Duain or daily supplication with your Quran classes as well. These supplication are from authentic books of Hadith. They include eating and drinking water and milk, morning and evening duas, dua when to enter Masjid and get out of it. Dua for going to bet and washroom. Dua for wakeup. Dua for new moon. Dua for sneezing and for the one who sneezes and many more.
These duas have much importance on our lives and it bring Allah’s support with you. In-Shaa-Allah.

We help students learn daily supplication online. These prayers and duas are the part of our courses as complimentary course of Quran Reading, Noorani Qaida and Hifz Course. You can learn this course separately as well. Kindly contact us for this course here.Register Here

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