What is the Quran?

What is the Quran? Quran is the final revelation of Allah Almighty to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for all the mankind. The words of Quran are spoken by Allah the Exalted himself. These words were then send by Angel Gabriel in the Arabic language. All the sounds, words, and meanings are the part of revelation of Allah S.W.T. We can say that the Holy Quran is not a creature but it is the divine words of Allah Himself. Allah S.W.T Himself has taken the responsibility of its safety and authority. He said in the Holy Quran “¬†Indeed, it is We…


5 Health Benefits of Reciting Holy Quran

5 Health Benefits of Reciting Holy Quran The Holy Quran is that one book that came years before but is still preserved the same way as it came. There are no changes made in it, and there will be no changes in it till the last day. If you take a closer look at the Quran, you will know that it is the complete code of life and it brings along the answer to every possible question. Not just the answers the Quran comes with many other rewards for you. Other than the reward there is no health problem that…

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