How to prepare yourself for the Month of Ramadan and how to spend it?

The companions of the prophet (SAW) used to fast 6 months prior to the next Ramadan in preparation for the new month. Our Muslim populace is so busy these days; oblivious of the fact that Ramadan is upon us. As we prepare for another month of blessings, let reflect on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) words;’ A Hadith in preparation for Ramadan According to the Hadith by Ibn Khuzaymah, the prophet was reported saying; “ O people, there come upon us a great month, a most blessed month, in which lies a month greater in worth than one thousand night(lai lat’ul…


Learn Quran Word By Word

Learn Quran word by word with Tajweed or Tafseer with our best teachers from Arab countries and Pakistan as well. The teachers will give you very good instructions on the Arabic and Tajweed of each word of the Quran. You can learn the meanings of each word and understand the concept of whole verse as well. For learning the Quran word by word we will help you to be fluent in reading and understanding as well if you want know Tajweed and Tafseer at the same time. How you can learn word by word? Learning the Holy Quran word by…


Egyptian Quran Teacher Online

Egyptian Quran teacher online can be hired for the lessons of the Holy Quran for yourself and for your kids. An Arab teacher from Egypt will have more knowledge of Tajweed and practice of recitation of the Holy Quran. Egypt is know as a center of masters of recitation as there have been many famous Qaris (reciters) of the Quran. The most famous are Qari Siddique Ahmed Minshawi and Qari Abdul Basit. It is said the Quran was revealed in Arab and recited by Egyptians. Why people want to learn with an Egyptian Quran teacher? Many people want to have…


Online Qari for Quran

If you are looking for a Quran teacher for your kids or for yourself, you are at a right place with TarteeleQuran.Com. We have many Quran teachers and Qari or Qaris from Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. Our teachers are well qualified with Tarteel and Tajweed rules of recitation. They have the skills to communicate and teacher online with a professional way. It is the basic requirement of TarteeleQuran Qari to have memorized the Holy Quran. We never hired any teacher who is not up to the mark. All the necessary conditions for a teacher of Quran are available in our…


How learning Quran online is advantageous?

How learning Quran online is advantageous? Holy Quran is deep as well as a unique book that contains many lessons to guide human beings for the rest of their lives and its teachings ensure that the one who follows it would have a prosperous life in this world and for the next world. Quran has been written in completely classical Arabic that is a bit different from the traditional language, which is why a person who wishes to learn the Quran is necessary to learn the Tajweed too. Tajweed is basically the grammar of the Quran and to learn the…


How to be an Amazing Husband?

How to be an Amazing Husband? Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) was the best to his family. He (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: Among the Muslims the most perfect, as regards his faith, is the one whose character is excellent, and the best among you are those who treat their wives well. What an amazing Hadith! This Hadith by itself should drive us to at least try to become pleasing to our wives, and thereby earn the the title of being the best. As he(sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) is our role model, let us look at some of his techniques and try to…


Marriage in Islam

  Marriage in Islam When one thinks of marriage, the usual focus is the wedding day. So much of planning goes in to making sure everything is just pretty as a beautiful picture. The hunt for the wedding dress is no simple affair either. Months, weeks, days and plenty of hours go behind finding the perfect one in terms of color, work and pattern. There is actual loss of sleep here. Even a lot of thought goes behind the wedding card which is just a piece of paper, a fancy invitation and most likely to be binned shortly after receiving…


How to Learn Quran Fast?

How to Learn Quran Fast ? The question how to learn Quran fast is often asked by the parents of the students and they expect to complete is as soon as possible. Learning the Quran needs basics of Tajweed fist of all. if you have spent a very good time in learning the basic Tajweed by learning Noorani Qaida then you would be able to read the Quran fast and fluent.  You would be knowing each and every rules of Tajweed to help you how to learn Quran fast. Fast learning means giving more time in learning. If you really want…


Learn to read Quran online

Learn to read Quran online: Why online classes are getting popular? There are a lot of websites that allow you to learn Quran online. These websites provide you various services associated to Quran and its learning and you will be able to take your desired course and learn as per your requirements. It is gaining a lot of popularity with each passing day and many people to learn to read Quran online. Yet several individuals ask why the online classes for the Holy Book exist and what is the reason that so many people nowadays prefer these online lectures that…


Learning Quran with Tajweed

The difference between learning Quran with Tajweed and without it. There are a lot of people that may be familiar with the Arabic language. It may be a second language to them but the fact that they are fluent with it may lead them to think that they will be able to pronounce the Quran in right manner. However, soon you will come across something labelled as ‘Tajweed’ which is actually grammar for Quran and you are required to learn it before you proceed with reading the Holy Book. Many people think that why it is critical and with all…

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