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Online Qare

If you are looking for a Quran teacher for your kids or for yourself, you are at the right place with TarteeleQuran.Com. We have many Online Qari for Quran, teachers, and Qari or Qaris from Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan. Our teachers are well qualified with Tarteel and Tajweed rules of recitation. They have the skills to communicate and teach online in a professional way. It is the basic requirement of TarteeleQuran Qari to have memorized the Holy Quran. We never hired any teacher who is not up to the mark.

All the necessary conditions for a teacher of Quran are available in our Online Qari for Quran and teachers as follow:


  • They have memorized the whole Quran Alkareem by heart.
  • We have carried out their online Quran teaching training with professional trainers.
  • Tajweed and the rules of Tajweed are interviews from them.
  • They know how to deal with the students to encourage them and motivate them for learning and reciting the Quran in a beautiful way.
  • They are really fluent in the language, you want to be the mode of teaching like English, Arabic, and Urdu.
  • They have educational degrees from renowned universities of the world like Alazhar and Islamic University.
  • We have tested them as being very good citizens of the representative countries.
  • You can request a trial class with any of our teachers to see how well-manner the classes and our Qari are.
  • We have female Qaria as well from Arab and Non Arab countries.


Online Qari for Quran

The above characteristics of the teachers at TarteeleQuran make our Qari of Quran different from others. It is really a great effort to choose a very good Qari for Quran teaching to your kids and family member. This all is done at TarteeleQuran with great effort and work. If you require an online Qari for teaching the Holy Quran, let us know and we will have you the right person for that.


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