Memorization Revision Online

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Memorization Revision of Holy Quran in Online Classes | TarteeleQuran

Memorization Revision Online

Memorization and the revision of Holy Quran is a blessing for the preserver/reciter. Sometimes a Hafiz or Hafizah forgets whatever he/she memorized because of being busy in work or studies and need the revision of the memorization of the Holy Quran. They find it difficult to do on their own.

Memorization Revision of Holy Quran

The revision of the Holy Quran after Memorization is compulsory.  Because it is the responsibility of a Hafiz/Hafizah to keep it memorized in the whole life. And also it is the responsibility of the whole Ummah to have some people in the community who have memorized the Holy Quran. This is why TarteeleQuran is offering Memorization Revision Online. We will help you listen to your review every day with a very good and expert teacher. Now it is not difficult how to revise memorized Quran.

Many Huffaz need the revision of the Quran with a person to keep it fixed. We have teachers who can help you revise your Hifz on daily basis. You can do the memorization revision online as well. Being at home just prepare your review and recite at a fixed time to the Quran teacher. This way you can keep your Manzil/review fix.

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