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Learn Tajweed online in tajweed classes online | TarteeleQuran

Tajweed Courses at TarteeleQuran

At TarteeleQuran with skilled and knowledgeable teachers. Learn Tajweed online as the Tajweed is an essential subject for reading the Holy Quran with the correct pronunciation. Kids, females, sisters even old people who never been with learning experience can learn with ease and comfort of home and with a very interesting approach. If you are interested for you or your kids or for your elderly parents just call the given number get an evaluation class any time free of cost.

Learn Tajweed online and Evaluation

After evaluation, you will get the results and you can decide to learn with us or anywhere locally in a Majid. Learn Tajweed online if you have fewer opportunities locally. We have an advanced learning web portal that can help you learn any time anywhere.

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