Learn Quran Word By Word

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Learn Quran Words By Words

Learn Quran word by word with Tajweed or Tafseer with our best teachers from Arab countries and Pakistan as well. The teachers will give you very good instructions on the Arabic and Tajweed of each word of the Quran. You can learn the meanings of each word and understand the concept of the whole verse as well. For learning the Quran word by word we will help you to be fluent in reading and understanding as well if you want to know Tajweed and Tafseer at the same time.

How you can Learn Quran Word By Word?

Learn Quran Word By Words only possible by learning the basics of the Arabic language and the Alphabet of Arabic as well. You will learn first of all the sounds and proper pronunciation of each letter. By going word by word once you will complete all 28 Arabic alphabets, you will be able to know and pronounce the words of Arabic. The teacher will help you do exercises of the related lessons on each successive lesson and go advance in learning Quran word by word. It is very simple like every language, you need to learn the letters and then words that will lead to the sentences of that language.

Learn the words and then meanings

Before you go for the meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran, you must learn how to recite them. There are few rights of the Holy Quran upon Muslims as bellow:

  • To believe on it that this is the last book of Allah Almighty to mankind.
  • To learn how to recite with Tajweed and proper pronunciation as well.
  • To understand its meaning and the message into it for the Creator.
  • To act upon the commands of Allah Almighty in the Quran.
  • To spread the message of Allah Almighty to the whole mankind so that others can be benefited as well from it.

So, there were 5 rights of the Quran to observe on each human especially all Muslims should consider them in their life.

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