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Learn Quran Online free

Learn Quran Online Free

At TarteeleQuran, if you have financial issues and need help to learn Quran online free with Tajweed, we will readily be providing you the Quran classes In-Shaa-Allah. The Quran teachers available with us will be teaching you the Quran with full and foremost attention. The teacher will not be knowing if you are paying or not. He will just treat you as a regular student. 

We will never ask you for the registration fee for free Quran classes or the Monthly invoices. Our this service is available for the student of the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and every country of the world. We have female Quran teachers to teach the Quran for sisters and daughters who can not afford for the paying for of Quran classes and need a female Quran teacher. We have come up with this facility at the best of our effort and desire to serve the Holy Quran with Tajweed In-Shaa-Allah. 

The following are the conditions for Learn Quran Online free 

1- To Learn Quran online free you should be regular for all the scheduled Quran classes, as we will be paying for each class you will take, to the teacher who will be your teacher for your free Quran classes.

2- Your fee to learn Quran online free will be paid from our donations and you must be eligible for the donation and you must be ready to accept the donation for your Quran lessons.

3- There will be a quota for each month for free learning students. If there are slots available for free classes then we will schedule your online Quran classes free, otherwise you have to wait until a slot becomes free and we will schedule your classes in the upcoming months.

4- Once your free online Quran classes would be scheduled, we would expect 90% of attendance for your Quran lessons. If you need to take a day off, do let us know one day in advance so that we can mark you on leave to save the cost and resources for learning Quran. Then the teacher will not be waiting for you and you can request a make-up Quran class on any other day.

5- Uninformed absence will lead cancellation of your classes automatically. This is to save teacher time and our free Quran teaching recourses so we can allocate them to those who are in real need to learn the Quran online for free. 

6- We would like and request you to spread the word about TarteeleQuran to the people of your family and friends to join us and learn Quran online free if they are needy or otherwise pay us for the resources and learn with the best teachers of the world with us.

7- We also request you to pray for the success and acceptance of TarteeleQuran efforts by Allah.

Who is Eligible for Free Quran Classes?

This offer is merely done for those students of Quran who are really deserving and they are really unable to pay for the Quran classes. We only seek Allah’s reward for this offer of free Quran teaching to kids and adults, men and women. May Allah accept this offer to learn Quran online free for kids and adults of deserving families. We offer this facility for all courses like Quran Reading with Tajweed, Noorani Qaidah, Memorization and the Prayer Lessons except the Ijazah and the Ten Qirat courses as they are advance courses and they need more resources which are not in our reach to offer you for free. We can still find any some especial donation for free Ijazah course and ten Qirat.

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