How to spend your Ramadan?

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How to spend your Ramadan

Meaning of Ramadan:

The word (رمضان) comes from the Arabic root ramiḍa or ar-ramaḍ, which means scorching heat or dryness. 

Imām ar-Raghib said:

How to spend Month of Ramadan?

It is the blessing of Allah S.W.T that we have the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet (PBUH).


رمضان هو الرمض أي شدة وقع الشمس، والرمضاء شدة حر الشمس، و رمضت الغنم: رعت في الرمضاء فقرحت أكبادها. و سمي رمضان لأنه يرمض الذنوب أي يحرقها.

Ramaḍan is taken from the word ramad which means that which is intensely or vehemently heated by the sun.  And the word ramdhaa means the intense heat of the sun. [The Arabs used to say about] the sheep that they were burned (ramidat) while they were grazing under the scorching heat of the sun to the extent that their livers became damaged (by the intense heat of the sun). Ramaḍan was named such because it burns the sins of the believers. 〈1〉

Imām Qurtubi narrates:

إنما سمي رمضان لأنه يرمض الذنوب أي يحرقها با لأعمال الصالحة

”It (this month) was named Ramaḍan because it burns the sins of people with righteous deeds”. 〈2〉

Imām al-Zamarkhshari wrote:

لما نقلوا أسماء الشهور عن اللغة القديمة سموها بالأزمنة التي وقعت فيها فوافق هذا الشهر أيام رمض الحر فسمي رمضان

”When they changed the names of the months from the ancient language, they named them according to the seasons in which they fell, and this month fell in the days of intense heat and that is why it was named Ramaḍan” We must learn how to spend Month of Ramadan.

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